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We can offer professional passport/driving license photo service.

We can provide photographs for any passport or visa requirements, also additional ID such as driving licence, bus pass etc.

Do not forget that babies need passports too! And if you are part of one of our baby schemes we can take these pictures during one of our sessions for you, if not we can still take your baby's passport photo, you will just need to book a separate appointment.

Baby & Child Passport Photos

Passport photo regulations for babies and children (children under the age of five) are usually less strict than for adults (depending upon the country).
The guidelines below represent the UK passport regulations for baby and child photos, and represent a common international standard.


•Babies do not have to have their eyes open if they are under one year old
•A neutral expression is not essential.
•The child's head need not be completely straight.
•Children are not required to look directly at the camera.


Our photographs are taken professionally in our studio so it is better to book to ensure that our studio is free.

You can book now by calling 07878 250658

Photographs cost £15.00 for a digital image, guaranteed to pass or your money refunded.