1.  What will happen at the shoot?

When you arrive on the day, we will start by explaining to you how the shoot will work and answer any question you may have.  We will also ask you a few questions about what you have in mind and want to get from your shoot.

This will involve discussing your tastes and preferences and what you would like to achieve.  The more we understand what you like and what you are looking for, the easier it is for us to fulfil your needs.

For many people a photography session is a fairly infrequent event and we want to make sure that you get the very best from your session and the time you spend with us.


2.  Can you guarantee that we will be completely satisfied with our pictures?

Many people think they don't like having their photograph taken, however we find this is because most pictures they have had taken in the past have not been captured in the right way.  That's where we come in!  We take time to find out about you.

We will have a chat before the shoot and find out what your preferences are, for example, do you like modern or traditional, black and white or colour, light or dark backgrounds, artistic cropping or full framed pictures?

We also have examples to show you in the studio so you can gauge what your finished result will look like.  Additionally, we also show you the poses and shot setups on the back of the camera so you can be sure you like what we are doing as we progress through your shoot.


3.  What should I wear?

Simply wear what you will feel most comfortable in and what you would like to have on display in your home.  We can cater for formal or informal tastes so we will leave this decision to you,  however most of our clients tend to wear jeans and shirts/t-shirts/tops.

Our best advice would be to avoid clothing that will date, like football shirts or perhaps a particular trend or pattern that may be in fashion now but wont in a year or so.  You might also like to think about co-ordinating your group in order to avoid any clashes of colour or pattern.  Have a look at my blog page where I have written an article to help you choose what to wear.


4.  When will I see the pictures?

We will arrange a viewing appointment for you at your shoot so please bring your diary along with you on the day.  It will be our intention to get everyone back for the viewing a few days later and we are also happy for you to bring anyone additional that may like to see the images like grandparents etc.